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This patient's main concerns: dark teeth, broken fillings, stained fillings, uneven teeth. Photographs of her smile initially made her aware of the situation and she sought Dr. Huynh's help to improve her smile. She was interested in porcelain veneers originally but was quite concerned regarding drilling natural tooth structure. She also had one crown previously placed on a premolar that was noticably lighter in color than her other teeth.

Find out how we addressed her concerns with conservative cosmetic dentistry.

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Our diagnosis: This patient had numerous old fillings that were originally placed on the front upper eight teeth in a color that matched her natural teeth, which were dark, in her opinion. Over time, food, coffee and red wine caused the margins of the fillings to stain and become quite noticeable. On one tooth her old filling was beginning to leak, but the one crown that had previously been done was still in good shape, even though it was considerably lighter in color than her other teeth.

Treatment options: Based on her needs and concerns, we targeted the upper anterior eight teeth and wanted to focus on lightening the colour of the teeth, and creating teeth that were a bit longer and more symmetrical. Because the crown on the first premolar was in good condition, we decided to leave it in place and discussed either composite resin veneers, porcelain veneers or "prep-less" Lumineers as possible options for the remaining seven teeth.

Treatment: We agreed to achieve her goals with full mouth combination whitening (teeth bleaching) and a set of seven composite resin veneers. The veneers were carefully sculpted to match with her existing crown, and the result was a beautiful smile that the patient was ecstatic about! She agreed to maintain the look of her new teeth by returning regularly for dental check-ups and cleanings.